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Our Customers
Fortune 1000 Large and Small Enterprises

Savvy companies have learned the value of the secondary market; providing top quality, unused, unopened, pre-owned surplus equipment at significant discounts. Stillwater Communications has helped small businesses to Fortune 1000 companies with what's most important to them... the bottom line. Most large enterprises have learned that the benefits of buying manufacturer direct for a premium is not necessary. Months old equipment in the secondary market typically offers identical features at a fraction of the cost. Stillwater backs up this new, surplus equipment with a Lifetime End User Warranty and offers safeTnet maintenance for less than direct manufacturer maintenance.

Customers Served:
- Fortune 1000
- Small Businesses
- Non-profit organizations

Resellers Resellers

Stillwater Communications works with resellers of all shapes and sizes. This includes both commercial and government resellers including 8A businesses. Essentially with Stillwater's discounts we can help level the playing field for small businesses looking to compete with larger companies. We offer discounts that will beat almost any manufacturer devation. Their is no deviation approval process you simply get the best price from the beginning.

Customers Served:
- Gold and Elite Level Manufacturer Partners
- Large Resellers and Contractors
- Small Businesses
- SBA 8A Businesses

Government Government

Stillwater Communications offers win-win solutions for both direct government relationships and for government resellers. Government agencies can benefit from this direct relationship when managing a tight budget. Resellers can also gain a competitive advantage from Stillwater's knowledge of government needs.

Customers Served:
- Local city project sites
- Municipalities
- State offices
- Airports
- Federal agencies
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